AEGISCREW MANNING INC.(AMI)(formerly Great Maritime Shipmanagement, Inc.) with SEC Certificate No. 160960 and POEA License No. POEA-370-SB-092613-R-MLC was established in 1989 with the objective of supplying highly trained and highly skilled seafarers for dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, tankers and tug boats.

AMI prioritized to work closely on selective group of customers whose business is mainly dependent on the company’s services where they put their confidence and trust thus providing the opportunity to grow together according to its outlook and common goals. The company’s vision and mission highly emphasizes on a long term business relation.

The company is optimistic that with a joint effort, it can succeed in a complex and competitive environment where good organization is needed to fulfil customer’s needs. AMI values its customers and will not take precedence on current relation or create new business.

Activities in AMI are headed by qualified, skilled and experienced professionals in the shipping field. A team of trained personnel attached with different areas of shipping is supervised by the department head who is in-charge of the division and has fully delegated authority to take independent decisions concerning day-to-day client needs, technical needs, government and public sector liaison.

Aegiscrew Manning, Inc. believes that good management yields from good relationship with ship owners, authorities and most of all gives importance to the welfare of all seafarers in the company so as to create positive results in performance and exceed the needs and expectations of ship owners



AEGISCREW MANNING, INC. is committed to provide vessels with Master, Officers, Ratings and competenet Staff who are skilled and well qualified as per STCW 95 Convention, Flag state requirement, compliance with MLC 2006 and Principal specifications.

  • Meeting the requirements and needs of the customers in accordance with the terms of signed contracts and stated deadlines in a cost efficient way without jeopardizing the safety and operational standard of the vessels.
  • The company expects the office staffs and seafarers to follow the policy of health y and safe working practices at all time.
  • Striving to meet the adage “Doing things right first time and every time” at all stages of the organization.
  • Actively promoting employees participation in measures aimed to improved quality management.
  • To make arrangements for employees to improved and increased their skill in their profession.
  • To plan and implement training programs as required by national and international regulations and according to special requirements of company’s client.
  • Ensuring adherence at all times to the documented operating procedures by a system of internal verification of procedures and activities.
  • To maintain a pool of seafarers to the customers to secure stability of personnel thus creating a maximum job security and career planning for personnel to the best possible extent.
  • To maintain a good and professional relationship with all relevant regulatory bodies.
  • To maintain a continuously improve its cooperation and services to the clients.

All employees in the shore office and on board in all ships managed by the company are expected to comply with safety, security and pollution prevention regulations and procedures at all times and take necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues, ship owners, the ship, its cargo and the environment.

Aegiscrew Manning, Inc. will:

  • Provide ship management services distinguished in full(technical) management and crew management,
  • Not participate in any practices which are unsafe or illegal and will not provide services to principals known to involve themselves in such practices.
  • Always respect the confidentiality of each owner’s business and activity.
  • Perform ship management in accordance with the adequate and signed agreement.
  • Maintain the vessels to an agreed standard where safety and the value of the assets are preserved.
  • Keep the owners well informed about all aspects of their vessels including maintenance, costs, availability and operational capability as well as any deviation form agreed standards or budgets,
  • Allocate the resources necessary to render the contracted services.
  • Provide its services in a cost efficient way and adhere to sound principles with respect to accounting and fund management.
  • Keep proper records and shall demonstrate services that conform to the quality system.


AEGISCREW MANNING, INC. places the highest priority and see to it that adequate resources are made available to:

  • Safety of persons and protection of property.
  • Conservation of the environment.
    • A separate Safety and Environmental Policy has been developed detailing commitment to:
      • Efficiently promote safety in all its activities.
      • Eliminate work related injuries and illnesses.
      • Protect the environment and prevent pollution.
      • Prevent damage to property.

AMI has its personnel and reliable resources to implement the Safety and Environmental Policy making it known to all the members of the organization and properly monitor its effectiveness.

AMI will continuously improve all its operational policies and practices. Safety and environmental protection will always be an integral part of these policies.

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